Determination opens the doors for success.

You either believe this and go after your goals until you achieve them or you’re likely to just give up.

I have always believed in whatever I set out to accomplish.  Even when the road looks long and painful I keep my eyes on the prize.

This is something that catapulted me from busting my butt day in and day out for a low wage for someone else to a healthy lifestyle, working for myself and seeing my family anytime I wanted working from my home computer.

Gone was the daily grind, long commutes and the iron hand of my employer always over me.  Now, don’t get me wrong not everyone’s job is this bad and many are far worse.  But, my ultimate goal was to get away from the daily grind and leave the employee world behind.

To achieve my goals I stayed 100% determined.  I never gave up (Yes, there were days where I felt like it) and I stayed focused.

This is something I highly suggest that you do as well.

One other suggestion that I have as well is that you become part of my course Michael Brown Success System if you haven’t yet.

Not only is the training top notch, my staff and myself extremely helpful but, we and all of my Success members included will help motivate you and offer encouragement the whole way through.

This can be a critical factor when trying to learn and build a real online business.

It’s somewhat like going to the gym and having a personal trainer.  When you see all those people walking around in good shape or working hard to get into good shape and then on top of that you have someone coaching you and pushing you to do more, it motivates, encourages and makes you want to work hard.

Think of this as the same thing but with making money online and building a business you can be proud of instead of getting ripped abs.

Stay determined and go achieve your goals.

It’s not just about quitting….

In 2008 I was able to quit my job and it only took me about 11 months to do. Quitting my job felt amazing. However, that wasn’t the only part I loved and still love about making money online. Not only was it great to quit, make money from home and spend more time with my family but there was one other thing I inherited from making money online.

Peace of mind….
The great thing is I was able to do something many people can’t do and live an amazing lifestyle doing it. But, one very specific thing I recall was the time when I walked into my bank with a check for $13,180.77 and paid off my wife’s jeep.

Within 7 months I paid my truck off as well. At the time I still owed about $18,000 on it. Both vehicles were only 2 and 2 ½ years old. Before making money online I couldn’t have done that!
To be able to do that felt amazing and comforting. It gave me a deep peace of mind that I had never really had before. Before making money online I always seemed to live paycheck-to-paycheck.
I am not recapping this story to boast or brag, but rather, to show you the beauty of this lifestyle and what you could be doing yourself soon.
Before starting my online adventure every time I felt like we were getting ahead something would happen and our finances would go back down again. You might know exactly what I am talking about, the unexpected things like your dishwasher burns up your dryer or washing machine dies on you, cat to dog needs to go to the vet, emergency dental visits or unexpected hospital time. All of these unexpected things need money but if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck it’s not easy to come up with the money if you don’t have it or have no way to quickly get it.

The beauty with the way you learn to make money with Michael Brown Success System is that you’ll learn to build a business from scratch that only needs you to have an email list (you’ll learn exactly how to get this and set this up once you’re a member of the course). With an email list you can send an email at any time and get in contact with your entire list in a matter of seconds. This means you can promote any affiliate products to them within moments and make money whenever you need it.

The biggest misconception is that you need some gigantic list to make money with. But, the realistic truth is that even with a small list of 50-100 people you can make good money. It’s true that the bigger the list you build the more potential that exists. But, even in the early days of building your very first email lists you can make money. The other part that makes this sweet is that you can make money anytime of the day, even while you’re asleep. Because this business can be set up on autopilot you can make money anytime and do not need to be sitting by the computer once you have everything setup.

So today I want you to think of the phrase “peace of mind.” This phrase is something that an online business can provide. I wouldn’t change what I do for any other J.O.B. and hopefully you see the potential that resides in this type of online business.

The Dirtiest Word – Does This Apply To You?

Of all the words that can be applied to one’s self during training, learning, growth or really just about anything is one word that should be loathed by everyone.

That word is, discouraged (discouragement).

Discouragement can derail even the smallest dreams, let alone larger ones. Once you become discouraged it’s hard to feel good about anything you’re doing and a feeling of simply giving up can overwhelm you.

Throughout history attempts to discourage have existed. Examples of this can be found in sports, warfare, politics, movements and more. In sports often teams will try to run up the score quickly as to discourage the other team from trying. Once the score gets high enough the other team can get a “why even try” feeling. In politics and political movements opponents can make the other side look as if they don’t have enough followers to even gain ground, causing a feeling of pure “impossibility”.

You see these people understand discouraging the other side so they can close a victory. So how does this apply to you? Obviously, we’re in a totally different field. We’re in the field of making money online. But, discouragement can still dismantle any chance that you have of making anything and in the rest of this article I’m going to explain why.

When you’re learning how to make money online you’re obviously doing something you haven’t tried to do before. With anything that we must learn there is always going to be growth and we shouldn’t expect to be amazing at anything right after we get started. The problem is that when a new person comes into a “make money online” system and they don’t start earning money right away they can become discouraged. Once the person is discouraged they start feeling frustrated. Frustration leads to lack of focus. Lack of focus leads to not learning correctly and growing. These feelings ultimately lead to simply giving up. Once you’ve given up there is absolutely no chance to make money, you’ve lost.

So what do you do if you start feeling discouraged. I’ll tell you what I do; take a break. I’m not talking about taking a year off or anything crazy like that. What I am referring to is to walk away for a day or at least a few hours and come back. During this time go and do something fun or something to ease your mind. Come back once you’ve settled down and pace yourself.

I still remember when I was building my very first website. I was so excited to get started and make money. However, not long into the process I got completely stuck on something and I began to get frustrated. I literally worked on this for hours and I couldn’t make the stupid thing work. Does that sound familiar? I have a hot temper and over the years I’ve learned something because of this. I’ve learned that when I am starting to become discouraged or frustrated that I have to get up and unwind for a moment. So when I hit this snag and I couldn’t make it work I simply got up from my computer chair and went for a long run. I came back a few hours later and easily found the cure to the problem that I had just spent hours fuming over. This worked because once I came back I was calm and could then think rationally again. During times of stress, anxiety, fear, displacement, anger, or discouragement our emotions cause us to overlook things and miss steps because we are not 100% focused anymore.

During this learning process you must not let yourself get discouraged. Once you become discouraged you’ll begin to miss instructions, over look details and ultimately become deeply confused. These emotions can cause you to miss out on a wonderful opportunity to make money from your home.

Anyone can make money online with the proper training, proper focus and proper mindset. But, if you let that dirty little word into your mind it can derail even the best teaching and even the strongest people. My best advice is stay positive and if you get frustrated walk away for awhile. But, no matter what you do keep the word discouragement out of your mind.

Slaying The Dragon

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to fight through adversity in the face of all sorts of mounting other problems. In fact, it can feel like you’re trying to slay the mightiest dragon. Of course, you know on the other side; just beyond where that dragon stands there is a field of flowers and a giant rainbow awaiting you.

Great vision, huh? I’ll pull out of fairy tale land for the rest of this. (Maybe).

One of the hardest things for anyone to do (hey – even I still struggle with this) is to take care of all the regular ordinary everyday problems while you’re trying to learn how to make money on the Internet. It’s those ordinary everyday problems that can sap the life right from our bones, making it nearly impossible to achieve our goals and make money.

Back when I worked as a drugstore manager I remember many sleepless nights trying to learn this stuff. I worked as many as 80 hours per week counting the 10 hours I spent on the road each week. Needless to say I was pretty tired; forget the fact I barely saw my family. On top of that I was getting involved with this Internet Marketing stuff and that took time as well. This whole time it felt like a giant evil dragon was standing in my way, ready to burn my face off at anytime.

But, this is where I overcame everything. I knew in order to achieve success in making money online I had to do a few things. Over a small amount of time these are the things I learned that MUST happen in order to make money online:

#1. Learn. Without learning you can’t make money. It’s a simple fact but it’s also the simple truth. So many people want to come online and make money but many of those people don’t want to learn to get to a point where they are making money. You MUST learn in order to make money. This is one of the first things I realized. Yes it takes time, just like learning anything else in life. But, if you learn that knowledge will stay with you forever.

#2. You MUST work at it. You’re not going to be amazing overnight. You’re also not going to make a fortune in your first month. Think of the first time or even the second time you’ve tried something. How long did it take you to get good? Even with perfect instructions it takes practice to do anything. But, if you learn how to make money online and you then work at getting better at it; it will pay off in the end.

#3. Stay at it and stay positive. Ever try to do something and swear you’re going to fail at it? How’d that turn out? Probably not very well if you’re like most people (myself included). One of the biggest things I’ve found in finding success and making money online is that you must have a positive mindset. It’s easier to say something won’t work, rather than to make it work. Why? Because it takes work to make something happen and it takes some work to make money. But, once you make money it gets easier and easier. To get to the point where you’re making money you’ll need to have a positive attitude.

#4. Take Action. Repeat this line with me right now…. “No one else is going to make money for me – I must take action and achieve it. If I take action I will make money.” I can’t stress this enough, if you donot take action you will not make money. Imagine if you went to your current job (if you’re currently working) and asked the boss to do the work for you? I don’t think you’d last more than a day there. The same thing applies to making money online. Apply yourself and do the things you need to do (don’t worry I’ll teach you this) and you can make money online and work at home.
If you learn, work at it and grow, stay positive and take action, money is just around the corner. If you fail to do these things you will not make a dime. That’s the difference between those who are making money online and those who are not. Anyone can make money online by following those steps and I am proof of that.

Why swing the sword and actually fight with the dragon? Make him tremble in fear and leap off the cliff. Never give up and work through day to day life and grow at the same time and the dragon won’t be in your way for very long. Dedicate yourself a little bit each day to learning, practicing, doing and staying positive at the same time and you will grow over a small period of time into a money making machine.

Go slay your dragon.

-Michael Brown