Q:  How much money can I make with this system?

A:  It’s impossible to say.  That’s the honest answer!  Some people I teach go on to make a good living.  Some people go on to make nothing.

What separates the 2?  Your work ethic and many other factors weigh in.  Since I have no way of knowing if you’ll follow my direction, how hard you’ll work at it or if you’ll even do anything, I have no way to know what results you’ll get.

But, I will say this.  Everyone who applies themselves with my system will make money.  If you don’t start making money — ASK and we’ll help you!  I want everyone who tries this and applies my techniques to make money from home and that means you too!

Q: Do I need to buy a fancy computer?

A: Nope!  You just need a basic desktop computer or laptop that can run a program that you can type in (the vast majority of computers will work).

Q: Will I need to invest thousands of dollars to make this work?

A: No!  The great thing about making money on the Internet is the cost of running a new business this way is cheap.  You’ll only need to invest in the cost of the course each month, a domain (about $10 a year & I’ll show you what that is and how to get it) and hosting (about $10 a month total).  That’s it!

It’s nearly impossible to find another business you can create and run from home and run it this cheap!

Q: Since I am building a business can I write of my expenses for tax purposes?

A:  Yes.  In most places you can.  You’ll want to check with whoever does your taxes and see what you can write off in your area.

Q:  Is this anything like MLM?

A: NO!  You won’t need to bug your family, go door to door or recruit people!  What you’ll learn how to do is create a website, find a product to promote, drive traffic to your website and make money.  You’ll also learn how to set everything up on autopilot.  This allows your business to run while you’re asleep or having fun with your family.

Q: Other online programs offer free hosting why don’t you?

A:  I cannot stress this enough — you MUST own your own hosting account.  The programs that give you free hosting are doing this for 1 very simple reason….  they are making it harder for you to leave so you have to continue paying for an account!  Do not fall for the free hosting account bit.  Having your own hosting account only takes a few minutes to get and costs around $10/month — that’s it!  Plus, I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step in mere minutes.