It’s not just about quitting….

In 2008 I was able to quit my job and it only took me about 11 months to do. Quitting my job felt amazing. However, that wasn’t the only part I loved and still love about making money online. Not only was it great to quit, make money from home and spend more time with my family but there was one other thing I inherited from making money online.

Peace of mind….
The great thing is I was able to do something many people can’t do and live an amazing lifestyle doing it. But, one very specific thing I recall was the time when I walked into my bank with a check for $13,180.77 and paid off my wife’s jeep.

Within 7 months I paid my truck off as well. At the time I still owed about $18,000 on it. Both vehicles were only 2 and 2 ½ years old. Before making money online I couldn’t have done that!
To be able to do that felt amazing and comforting. It gave me a deep peace of mind that I had never really had before. Before making money online I always seemed to live paycheck-to-paycheck.
I am not recapping this story to boast or brag, but rather, to show you the beauty of this lifestyle and what you could be doing yourself soon.
Before starting my online adventure every time I felt like we were getting ahead something would happen and our finances would go back down again. You might know exactly what I am talking about, the unexpected things like your dishwasher burns up your dryer or washing machine dies on you, cat to dog needs to go to the vet, emergency dental visits or unexpected hospital time. All of these unexpected things need money but if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck it’s not easy to come up with the money if you don’t have it or have no way to quickly get it.

The beauty with the way you learn to make money with Michael Brown Success System is that you’ll learn to build a business from scratch that only needs you to have an email list (you’ll learn exactly how to get this and set this up once you’re a member of the course). With an email list you can send an email at any time and get in contact with your entire list in a matter of seconds. This means you can promote any affiliate products to them within moments and make money whenever you need it.

The biggest misconception is that you need some gigantic list to make money with. But, the realistic truth is that even with a small list of 50-100 people you can make good money. It’s true that the bigger the list you build the more potential that exists. But, even in the early days of building your very first email lists you can make money. The other part that makes this sweet is that you can make money anytime of the day, even while you’re asleep. Because this business can be set up on autopilot you can make money anytime and do not need to be sitting by the computer once you have everything setup.

So today I want you to think of the phrase “peace of mind.” This phrase is something that an online business can provide. I wouldn’t change what I do for any other J.O.B. and hopefully you see the potential that resides in this type of online business.

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind