Making Money 101

Making money on the Internet is a simple process. Below I am going to break down one of the simplest ways to make money online.
Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s stuff and making money by promoting it.

Email Marketing.
Email marketing is simply promoting something to a list of potential buyers through email and making money doing so.

Affiliate Email Marketing.
Affiliate email marketing is simply promoting affiliate products via email to potential buyers and of course, making money!

Easy Concept Right?
In fact, this type of business can be created in just a few days, from scratch and with no prior experience.  Let me show you the steps of how to make money online this way.

Step 1 – Find a market that has a problem. This can be anything from back pain, wanting to get six pack abs, dog training, wedding panning and millions more.
Step 2 – Build a small 1 page website to get people interested help solve their problem. From this page you’ll get people into your email list (don’t worry — I’ll show you how to set this all up step-by-step.)
Step 3 – Write a few emails to build a connection. Shortly, you’ll begin promoting products to your interested email list.
Step 4 – Here you’ll setup traffic funnels and automated traffic systems. Everything you’ll do after this point is all about building targeted traffic that wants what you have to offer!
Step 5 – Autopilot. You’ll set your emails to go out on autopilot so you can be away from your computer while you are making money! Members of your email list will see your emails automatically and this is where sales start rolling in.
Finally money gets deposited into your affiliate accounts and into your bank account!
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