What You Get

Inside this powerful and simple to use course you’re going to get access to the following modules and some really amazing tools….

The first thing you’ll start with inside this course is the 4-week success course. This will take you through your first 4 weeks of making money online.

Here is the break down of what you’ll get instant access to weekly….

Week 1: Finding Your Market
(55 minutes of video training Valued at $97)

      • Find the best markets that you can get into to make money as quickly as possible while building a lifelong business with just one of these markets.
      • Additional research that will get you 10 times the results! This doesn’t take a long time but the results will blow your mind.

    • How the get the right domain for your market. I’ll show you how to get the right search engine friendly domain for your website in under 3 minutes!
    • Get your domain hosted. In under 5 minutes you’ll have your domain hosted on the Internet and live to the world.
    • $150 a day plan. With this action plan I’ll show you how you could make at least $150/day with my system! ($47 Value)
    • 100 killer money making markets. This guide will show you 100 researched markets and I’ll show you how I’d personally make money in them! ($97 Value)
    • Week 1 Checklist – Worksheets & Quiz ($27 Value)

Total Week 1 Value $268!


Week 2: Have Fun By Building Your Website!
(83 minutes of video training valued at $97)

      • What is a squeeze page? It’s not complex and in just a few minutes you’ll know exactly what this is and why you MUST have one to make money online.
      • The parts of a squeeze page. In this video training I’ll break down the parts of a squeeze page so you understand EXACTLY how you’re going to make money with this.
      • Determine what to give away. In less than 4 minutes I’ll explain how to find free information that you can give away. This will save you a lot of time while you build your business.

    • Determine the benefits. I’ll show you how to convert visitors into buyers with one simple thought process when creating benefits on your squeeze page.
    • Determine the headline. The headline helps draw your visitors attention and I’ll show you how to create your headline from scratch, fast.
    • Create your email account. You’ll have your very own domain based email account in under 2 minutes. This looks 100% more professional than a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account & will get you more sales.
    • Set up your auto-responder. The auto-responder is what will allow you to set everything on auto-pilot. With your membership you’ll get your own auto-responder to build a 1000 person email list FREE!
    • Set up your email list in under 1 minute. Your email list is where you’ll store names and email addresses of people who sign up for your list. Our system we give you keeps track of this all for you!
    • Generate your squeeze page (1 page website). Using our point and click tool you’ll easily have you website fully built in under 22 minutes!
    • Upload and show off your completed website. Now the world will be able to see your website without you wasting time fiddling around with code – it’s so simple you will wonder why you haven’t done this years ago.
    • Week 2 Checklist – Worksheets & Quiz ($27 Value)

Total Week 2 Value $124!


Week 3: Write 7 Short Simple Emails
(78 minutes of video training valued at $97)

    • Quickly Build trust. I’ll show you how to easily build trust with your subscribers so they’ll be ready to put in their credit card information anytimeyou recommend them something to buy!

    • Easy way to write emails. How to write 7 simple emails that will build what I call “Trust Mountain” using my simple 5-part super conversion technique and why the less you write, the more you’ll make!
    • Add affiliate links. Using our affiliate link redirect tool you’ll have a friendly, safe and awesome affiliate link that you can use to make money with.
    • Set everything to run on auto-pilot! This is my favorite part of this system. You can be at your other job, playing with your kids, spending time with your wife or husband or just be away from your computer while you still make money.
    • Week 3 Checklist – Worksheets & Quiz ($27 Value)

Total Week 3 Value $124!


Week 4: Driving FREE Traffic To Your Website
(90 minutes of all video training valued at $97)

      • Getting traffic from forums. Just one of my simple forum techniques will turn your readers into instant subscribers!
      • Getting Traffic from simple online articles. Online articles are a great source of traffic and I’ll show you how to easily convert them from casual readers into your new list members!
      • Getting Traffic from answer sites. These are magnets for traffic but most people do not use them correctly. I’ll demonstrate what you MUST do to convert answer site traffic into your buyers.
      • Getting Traffic by guest blogging. I’ll show you how to find guest blogging partners & how to convert their traffic into yours in under 8 minutes!

    • Getting traffic from social sites. Social sites can be an easy way to get your website in front of the masses.
    • Ad-swaps for fast traffic. Do this wrong and you’ll fill your list with tire kickers who will just take up your time and space. Do it my way and you’ll fill your list with people who would love to give you their money!
    • Facebook for traffic. This special session with Facebook Fanpage specialist Justin Lewis will have you drooling when he shows you what you can do with the traffic from this huge social empire.
    • New Traffic Methods Added Often. I’ll add new traffic techniques quite often. Never worry about running out of traffic sources as I’ll continue showing you new modern ways of bringing traffic that will grow your business!
    • Week 4 Checklist, Worksheets & Quiz ($27 Value)

Total Week 4 Value $124!


The Success Tool Suite
(All of these powerful tools are yours included….)

Direct Connect 360 Auto-Responder: ($39.95/ Month Value!) As a member you get free access to your very own auto-responder account with a 1000 member capacity FREE! You’ll never need to upgrade until you’re making money from your list!
Optin Studio: ($97 Value!) As a member you get this website creating tool FREE! It’s point and click simple; NO CODING REQUIRED!
Drct2Me Affiliate Link Shortener: ($49.95/ Year Value!) You’ll never have to use an ugly “shady looking” affiliate link. With access to this tool your links will look “click friendly” and build trust that results in more sales.
Ad-Free Article Directory: ($84/ Year Value!) A great way to get traffic to your website is through article directories. However, most article directories are plagued with ads so you lose out on the traffic. Our directory allows you to get almost all the traffic to your site that your article generates!
Future Tools: ($Priceless!) We have many more tools scheduled to come out over the next several months including a Facebook tool! When we release them, they are yours free!

Total Success Tools Value:$710.35 Per Year!


The Success Community Help & Support Area
(Have Questions? Get Help ANYTIME!)

    • 24/7 Support: Ask ANY question, anytime and get a real answer from myself, staff or other members going through the course. You will never, ever be stuck or lost! (Value $197/Month)
    • Site and Email Critiques: Never be left wondering if you’re doing things right! Show us and we’ll critique it for you, offer suggestions and changes and help you stay on the right path. (Value $97/Month)
    • Technical Support: Never worry that you won’t have the technical know-how you need to succeed. While I don’t anticipate you’ll have technical issues; rest assured if you do we’ll solve them for you! ($97 Month)
    • A Real & Friendly Community That Cares About You: Unlike most online communities and help forums, my staff, members and I truly care about your success! We have a very family oriented community. (PRICELESS)

Total Success Community Value: $391 Per Month!


Going Deeper Monthly Updated Segments
($47/Month Additional Value)

      • Keep growing your business with added monthly modules! I’ll keep adding new videos so you can keep building onto your business. Most courses stop giving you value after they start collecting your money, NOT HERE! Each month you’ll get new ideas, techniques, traffic sources.

    You’ll get access to additional experts in marketing that will allow you to make more money and find new sources of traffic, sales and conversion tactics and much more.

      • With the Going Deeper segment inside of Michael Brown Success System….….You’ll never need to buy another Making Money Online product, ever! Most online money making systems force you to keep buying expensive add-ons and upgrades…Not Here! Fast Updates. As the Internet changes this gets upgraded for you.

    Here, we make it a point to update the course and provide you with the best new information as it comes out! This will allow you to continue to build your business and will save you a ton of time and money.

RECAP Of Everything You Get In The
Michael Brown Success System


Week 1
Research & Mindset($268 value)
8 Training Videos $97
$150 A Day Plan $47
100 Money Making Markets Guide $97
Week 2
Build Your Site($124 value)
13 Training Videos $97
Week 3
Writing A Few Emails($124 value)
11 Training Videos $97
Week 4
Getting Traffic($124 value)
9 Training Videos $97
Success Tools Suite($1777.35/Year) Direct Connect 360 Auto-Responder $39.95/Mo.
Optin Studio Site Creator $97/Year
Drct2Me Affiliate Link Shortener $49.95/Year
Ad-Free Article Directory $84/Year
Extra Tools Yearly $Priceless
Success Community($4692/Year) 24/7 Help $197/Mo.
Site & Email Critiques $97/Mo
Technical Support $97/Mo
Friendly Family Oriented Support $Priceless
Going Deeper($564/Year)  Monthly Updated Segments $47/mo
Total Yearly Value $6606.35


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