Who Is Michael Brown


You’re probably wondering who I am.  My name is Michael Brown and….

In 2007 and even 2008  I was probably in the same shoes you are in right now.  If not the same situation, maybe similar?

My wife and I were living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by.

I remember the conversations that kept me up at night.  Have you ever been told by your wife or husband that you only have $20 to spend for the rest of the month?

Then have you realized that you need that $20 for gas?  I have!  ….and I know I’m not alone!

I was driving 2 hours a day to work, barely providing everything my family needed and we were expecting our son to be born soon!

I thought to myself how am I going to do this?  How am I going to get my family to where we need to be?  How am I going to get us to a place where we are financially free?

You see, I didn’t want to live pay check to pay check.  I didn’t want to live where I only had that $20 for the month that had to be used for basic needs.  I wanted freedom but at that time I was far from it.

So I turned to the Internet to search for a solution….

I know, I know.  I’ve seen all those shady infomercials.  I’ve seen all the scummy websites.  But, I knew making money on the Internet existed and I was determined to find it.

So I began searching night and day with all my free time.  At first all I heard about was the same old crap that has been around for years and hasn’t worked for anyone…..stuffing envelopes, MLM, bugging your friends to buy all sorts of junk through you that they could get at the store and all the other crap you can still see on late night infomercials.

Then I found something interesting…….something that just might work.


After I learned about affiliate marketing I decided to give it a shot.  At first I struggled with it and at times even grew frustrated.  I mean, I didn’t have a mentor or anyone to turn to when I needed help. I found some online forums that offered some advice but nothing that put me over the top.

After stressfully pushing myself daily in the few hours of free time that I had; I finally discovered a breakthrough.

I was able to build a small website and drive Internet traffic to that website.  Finally, I started making money online!

It wouldn’t be long that I would go from making $25/day into $100+/day and finally was able to quit my job in June of 2008 after just 12 months of starting my online venture!

Then I learned how to keep increasing my income to as over $1000/day.

Once I learned to how to make money online I knew the sky was the limit. I knew I could continue to increase my income higher and higher.

One thing I discovered early on was combining affiliate marketing with email marketing was a great way to make money.

The concept is simple….

Step 1. Find a niche market

Step 2. Find a product in that market to promote

Step 3. Build your 1 page site

Step 4. Send traffic to the site

Step 5. Create an email list, set it up on autopilot and drive sales into your bank account.

All done online and you never have to deal with customer support, shipping and handling or any of the other typical hassles of running a business.

Heck, you don’t even need a product or service of your own.  Basically, this type of business you can start with next to nothing…

Sounds pretty simple, right?  It is!

The problem I found in the beginning is as simple as it sounds — it wasn’t for me at first!

The hardest part for me was I had no one to help me through it.  I had to try and test, try and test and try and test some more.

I made a bunch of mistakes long before making it work.

What I found along the way is this:  It’s not just sending out emails to a list of people.  It’s sending out targeted emails to a targeted list of people who WANT to get your emails!

It’s all about using a tried and proven method that has actually been around for quite some time.  But, while most people are looking for get rich schemes and gimmicks, they simply over look this!

It’s all in how you set up the autopilot part of this simple to use system.

Now I teach other people how to do the same thing I do.

Where Do You Want To Be In 1, 2 or 5 years?

Do you see yourself still working your butt off for someone else?  Or do you see yourself creating a real business from home, earning your living online?

I hope you picture the 2nd one!

I never want to work for someone again and I never plan to.  Ever since I left my day job I wouldn’t change what I do for a living, being able to work from home, taking time out of my day to spend with my wife & son anytime I want to….

But, it’s not just about making money.  Sure, the money is great!  But, what it’s all about is FREEDOM!  Freedom to do whatever I want, when I want and live a very unique lifestyle that most of society never will!

That is what working from home and making money online is all about – Quality Of Life, not just the money.

Are You Ready To Get Started & Earn Money Online For Yourself?

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I want to be the guy who helps you make money on the Internet.  I’d love to be on the other end when you start making money online, go on to quit your job or even possibly make more than I do!

That, to me, is satisfaction in what I do.

I want to be the guy who hears about your success every single step of the way.

Get started with me now!

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To your everlasting success,

Michael S. Brown